Coffee Makers

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- Have the best taste & flavor by adjusting water and ingredients- Two canisters (big: 2800g, small:1600g), instant powder- Water source: water jar/bottle to be placed on top of the machine- Automatic flushing and cleaning- Button for test cup falling- Low maintenance and simple operation
Walton WDCM-G15L Coffee Maker
Ready Stock

Capacity: 1.5L/ 12 Cup
Water re-cycle option for higher temperature
Transparent water level indicator
Anti-drip function
Drip will stop when removing the coffee pot
Aroma function
Washable Mesh filter
Easy to insert and set glass jar
Quality glass pot with easy pouring
Lighted on/off switch
Removable accessories for easy cleaning
Walton WDCM-S19L Coffee Maker
Ready Stock
- Water recycle option for higher temperature- Removeable accessories for easy cleaning- Quality glass pot with easy pouring- Transparent water level indicator- Easy to insert and set glass jar- Capacity 1.9L/14 Cup- Lighted in/off switch- Washable mesh filter- Anti drip function