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Arduino Nano V 3.0 (China)
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Arduino NANO Version V-3.0 is the open source smallest Embedded Development board launched by Arduino based on Atmega328 SMD Package Microcontroller. It is a Surface mount Breadboard Friendly board integrated with Mini USB Port. DC Power Jack is not available on this Board, so power can be given through Mini USB Cable. It automatically senses and switches to the higher potential source of power, there is no need for the power select jumper.
Unit-T Pulm Size Multi Meter
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UT33B+ Palm Size Multimeter

The new generation UT33+ series redefines the performance standards for entry-level digital multimeters. Our innovative industrial design ensures that these products can withstand 2 meters drop. The new LCD display layout provides a better user experience. This series ensures that users can work safely in CAT II 600V environment. Special features are, 2mF capacitance test (UT33A+); battery test (UT33B+); temperature measurement function (UT33C+); non-contact voltage (NCV) test (UT33D+).
Ultrasonic sensor HC- SR04
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Power Supply :+5V DC
Quiescent Current : <2mA
Working Current: 15mA
Effectual Angle: <15°
Ranging Distance : 2cm – 400 cm/1″ – 13ft
Resolution : 0.3 cm
Measuring Angle: 30 degree
Trigger Input Pulse width: 10uS
Dimension: 45mm x 20mm x 15mm